Guides + Tuning + Art

harmony guides

$10 per layer
+$15 per layer for original harmonies
ad lib guides are priced the same, but for original ad libs it is instead +$20 to the final price.


ocean package


2 harmony layers
1 file of original harmonies (if requested)
1 ad lib layer

$25-35 TOTAL ($5-$10 OFF)The amount off depends on the inclusion of art. harms.

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Price (per track) : $5

ARTIFICIAL HARMONIES: +$15 to the final price.

guides OR an on vocal must be provided for proper tuning.
(melody guides are not required as long as an on vocal is provided).
overlap files are charged as normal tracks.
files must not have any overlapping takes, or the commission will be refused.


garden package



2 mains, 1 harmony
1 artificial harmony layer

$21 TOTAL (30% off)

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currently, art commissions are only being done through my Ko-fi page.
I am offering flat-colored, clean bust sketces for 4 ko-fi ($12).

art commissions are only available upon request. please do NOT pay my ko-fi without notifying me of your order, or your commission will not be completed.

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terms of service

I have the right to refuse any commission.i will not draw nsfw/furries/heavy gore/armor.commissions take from 7-28 days. I am a college student, so please be patient with me.i always send a WIP if I can. if there's any part of the process you would like to see, please let me know.

regarding tuning commissions:if there are overlapping takes in any one file, I will not be able to complete your commission.please make sure you're not clipping in your files. not only is it less of a strain on me, but it will also make your final mix a better quality.please minimize background noise in your recordings.please make sure your lines are only vocals you want included in the final files (i.e., no random talking/swearing, minimal sound leakage, no house/pet noise, etc.)

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order form

please dm me on twitter via @graperamune
or on discord via gin#0018 with a filled order form so that i may process your commission.
be sure to have read the terms of service prior to commissioning me.

contact info:
paypal email:
commission type:
commission details:
link to files (if applicable):
preferred deadline:

please do not forget to specify whether you would like to purchase a package, artificial harmonies, extra guide layers, etc. in the "commission details" section.thank you for commissioning me!


Tuning: 3/3 Slots OpenHarmony Guides: 1/2 Slots OpenAd Lib Guides: 1/1 Slot OpenOriginal Guides: 1/1 Slot OpenArt: 2/2 slots open

waitlist: 3/3 slots open

occupied waitlist slots will have some information publicized, such as the type(s) of commission(s) you are waitlisted for.
all 3 waitlist spots apply for any type of commission, and no more than 3 waitlist spots may be occupied at any time.